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About us

Founded in 1994, Popobe was originally created as a blank bear available for artists. This allowed designers to express their love for art by taking inspiration from the world around them. 


After many collaborations with top artists and brands we are now able to present these unique bears to you.


Our bears are made from PVC and toxic free paints. The arms, legs and head are free to twist, allowing you to pose your bears the best way you like. Place them on the desk, showcase, backpacks, etc.


Our POPOBE bears are available in many sizes :

2 different keychain sizes - which are perfect for backpacks and keys.

5inch, 10inch and 15inch Bears - which are great for display.


We have sold out of many designs making them highly collectable.


Parents love them as they make great gifts for children. Adults love them as they are great display pieces.

Why not add a little fun to your life?

Here at, we are always adding new and varying designs from every aspect of life - for the fans and collectors alike.


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